Lockdown family cycling tips and benefits

So we're back in a lockdown again and already bothered by the amount of time the kids are spending glued to their devices, heads bowed, eyes scrunched up.
What to do? Make an executive (mum) decision. There are currently four bikes in our garage and the only one that doesn’t look like it belongs in a cycle showroom is mine.

A quick search online sourced some cute cycle helmets: shark, bear and dinosaur with matching water bottles and a head mounted camera set and armed with these exciting accessories I was able to bribe the tribe to come out on a bike ride.

We had the best time. We rode along the canal path accompanied by two curious swans who sailed along the water alongside us. We found a spot by a little pool to stop for a drink and a snack. We got covered in mud and we didn’t care. Every time I turned my head to check three beaming, ruddy faces glowed back at me.
When we got back home with red noses and chilly toes, we drank hot chocolate and watched the footage from the headset camera.

Altogether we were out for two hours or more. We spent nothing, breathed in fresh, clean air and left no carbon trace behind us.