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Cycling routes

If you are looking for different places to cycle you can find plenty of information on- line about cycle routes and paths in your local area. Most local councils have links to cycle routes and maps on their homepages or you can access information about the National Cycle Network UK at www.sustrans.org.uk

Where we live, in North Manchester, we have access to paths along the Bolton and Bury Canal and the River Irwell.
One popular route takes you along the canal and deep into the ravine left when the canal was breached in 1936. You can clearly see the ends of the railway tracks used to repair a previous breach.

One of the many benefits of searching out good cycle paths and routes in your local area is the opportunity to discover more about the history and geography that surrounds you.
We discovered that one of our favourite routes is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest as unique species of grasses and orchids, rare in the north of England, grow there. A result of the dumping of toxic waste from a local chemical factory in the late 1800s which caused changes in the soil composition.
The canal was built to carry coal to neighbouring towns and there are many reminders of this, such as the remains of a steam crane, scattered along the route.
So find great cycling route in your own area and get exploring the wonderful history on your own doorstep.