Cycling in the community

How to keep a sense of community in a locked down neighbourhood? On our estate we naturally turned to social media to provide a support network and keep up with the latest gossip.
No one is prepared to admit who it was, but someone had the great idea of a socially distanced community bike ride.
As we are a group of various ages, sizes and cycling abilities we picked out a route that took us round our local reservoir. Mainly flat and well-maintained it suited even the most nervous rider.
We sat by the water to eat packed lunches. Everyone else’s packed lunch always looks so much nicer than yours, I'm not sure why that is.

I pointed out the spot where, on a previous ride, I fell off and got stuck in the sandy mud at the side of the reservoir and sank up to my thighs. Inexplicably my fellow cyclists found this hilarious when I was expecting shock, sympathy and sombre shaking of heads.
We had a great day and only tired legs and muddy kids brought it to an end. We posted footage from headcams on the SM group and already the chat is full of “When are we doing it again?”