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Cycling challenge

Next time you are at a train or bus station check out how many people have folding bikes with them.
I did this a while ago and it prompted me to do one thing, to improve my fitness and reduce my carbon footprint.
I checked out possible cycle routes I could use to commute to work, found a great one which took me down a National Cycle Network route right into the centre of town and set myself a challenge to cycle to work twice a week.

Mental Health and fitness
I knew this would be a quick fix in terms of fitness and stamina levels but what I didn’t anticipate was the positive effect it would have on my mental wellbeing.
When you are on a bike, walkers and other cyclists say “Hi” to you. Some strike up conversations “Rather you than me!” when they’re coming down that hill that you’re powering up.
When you are on a bike you are breathing in deep breaths of fresh, clean air.

The results were, I found I was much less stressed when I arrived at work than on the days I drove, and felt energised and positive about the day ahead.

So, check out the cycle routes to your place of work. Give your bike an overhaul or, better still, treat yourself to a new bike and don’t forget your helmet.