Change your style: Bring back bike shorts!!

Cycling fashion

At some point in the late 80s bike shorts crossed the road from sportswear to high fashion.
Princess Diana was papped leaving the gym in bike shorts and a baggy sweater, Madonna wore them on stage and in her videos and in 1991, Chanel sent Linda Evangelista down the runway in black, knee-length shorts paired with a crisp white shirt and chain link belt.
Me? I wore mine with a vest and a tutu. A good look? Probably not but guess what? Bike shorts are back and it makes perfect sense.

With more people cycling to work than ever why not plan your work wear around a pair of bike shorts?
Dress them up with a shirt, blazer and stylish flats. You could go full-on 80s and add long strings of beads.
If your company has a dress-down Friday bike shorts and baggy long-sleeved t-shirts look great with trainers.

If you fancy putting together an outfit for a night out again check out an 80s vibe; laced and beaded tops or go full on Clueless and add a pair of thigh high socks.
You could just save your shorts for biking but it seems like a missed opportunity.