Change the narrative: Weird and wonderful cycling stories

Tell us your weird and wonderful cycling experiences

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you when you have been out on your bike? What is the strangest thing you have seen other people doing when on a bike?

One of the first times I went cycling with my husband we went along the Route 6 Cycleway from Radcliffe to Phillips Park in Prestwich. The route follows the old railway line and runs beneath an old brick bridge which has proved a handy shelter on many occasions.

So, this one time out we encountered the usual dog walkers and fellow cyclists and, not so usual, a man dressed as a medieval knight. In the distance we could see a group of people, similarly dressed, standing nonchalantly under the bridge. Odd? Well yes but we assumed that some sort of re enactment event was taking place. But a re enactment of what? As we got nearer, we could see that they weren’t all dressed as medieval folk. There were a couple of Klingons, a Roundhead or two, at least one non-specified Lord of the Rings character and a few Celts in kilts. They all said “Hi” as we rode past and by the time we returned, an hour or so later, there was no trace of them.

We have been down the route many times but never seen them again. We do, though, often see a happy hippy, spliff stuck to his bottom lip, bowling along on his penny-farthing.

A few years ago our son, who had assumed a nocturnal existence when home from uni, watched late one night from his window as a young lad systematically and methodically removed power tools from our neighbours’ garage, tucked one under his arm at a time and cycled down the road to, presumably, off load them into someone’s van.

More recently we passed a man cycling along the main road with one hand on his handlebars and the other clutching a full-size wooden pallet.

So, here’s the challenge: Next time you are out on your bike keep an eye open for strange goings on and if our experiences are anything to go by, expect the unexpected!