A Quick Safety Check

A quick safety check.

So you’ve got your new bike and you want to go out for a spin.
It is a really good idea to do a few checks before every ride.
Make sure everything is tight! Wheel nuts or quick release cams. Make sure the saddle and handlebars are secure and at the correct height for you. Also check the handlebars turn freely and cables don’t interfere.

Pull on the brakes and make sure they are tight and can lock the wheels up, this can be easily done standing at the side of the bike and pushing bike forward while applying the brakes. This is also a good time to check the tyre pressures and your front forks. Rolling the bike forward with the front brake on will help show up any issues.

Check that your pedals are tight and rotate freely also check the pedal arms are tight, give them a pull, side to side, they should rotate freely but there should be no side to side play.
Lastly lift the front and rear wheel, give some spokes a squeeze, they should be tight, give the wheels a spin, the wheels should rotate freely and be true.
This quick safety check takes 2 minutes, max. It could save you a long walk home!